Juggling responsibilities to others and to myself

Yesterday, I woke up on Day 2 of my juice fast and discovered just how challenging it is to juice my meals for an entire day when both sinks are full of dishes, the counter is cluttered, and Bear and Monkey are twined around my ankles and pulling on my clothes.  <sigh>

Why is my kitchen in this state? Well, some nights Lion is home and takes care of it, and some nights he’s working and I clean up once the kidlets are quiet, and some nights it just doesn’t get done.  That is definitely the nature of the beast when life is so full.

So, rather than making two double-helping juices to alternate throughout the day, which is the standard plan following a Reboot, I quickly made my morning Green Citrus, apple-orange-kale-spinach-romaine, and brought the other half to work for lunch.  I struggle with arriving at work on time on the best of days, so I felt this compromise to my juicing reality was reasonable.

This diet is relatively simple, but the sheer volume of produce and other supplies is surprising!  As a small snapshot of these numbers, check out the ingredients for the Green Citrus juice.  The recipe on the website is actually 1/4 the amount that appears in the Reboot with Joe book, which I am following to the letter. I feel the need to take all the work of thinking out of this journey.  For my double serving, I juiced 4 apples, 4 oranges, 1 1/2 bunches of kale, 1 bunch of spinach, and 5 or 6 leaves of romaine lettuce.  What?!?! I know. That’s a lot of produce.  And that was less than half the days intake of juice.  In addition, I had left a half litre of coconut water in the fridge at work, so that was one item off my list for the day, but I was going to have to make a mental note to buy more.

After work, I found myself making pizza, a Wednesday tradition for our family shared with Redbird and Turtle, and feeling a little nervous about how it would feel to make, cook, and smell the pizza, and then watch it being consumed by everyone else while I drank my juice.  Pizza and I have a long standing love affair, and I was worried my philandering with all things raw and rooted might result in a meltdown of sorts.

As it turns out, I felt just fine.  I definitely found my body responding to the smell of the pizza, but otherwise, I didn’t even want it.  The kids enjoyed their slices, and I focused on making myself my carrot-apple-lemon juice.  Day 2 was supposed to include carrot-apple-ginger, but I have found more than once that raw ginger, in particular in fresh juices, makes my whole body feel bad.  I didn’t want to risk this response, especially in my early days on this journey.  I want to promote success.  Challenge can come later.

Well, this juice is my favourite so far.  Fresh and slightly sweet.  I had two servings to get through, so I sipped it through the kids bedtimes and while I did some work on the computer.

Finally, just before bed, I savoured the second helping of Pear Pie Delight, sweet potato-pear-apple-blueberry-cinnamon, that I had prepared the night before.  What a treat!  The juice is thick, sweet, and decadent.  Yum!

A lovely end to Day 2.


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